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Disaster Preperation Course 2.0

Dec 5 – 9:00am-1:00pm $50

All Hazards Preparedness Course 2.0

This is a practical non-fear based approach to managing natural and man-made interruptions to your daily life and well-being.This is the follow up to our previous Disaster Preparation. Storms, chemical spills, cyber attacks and infrastructure failures are just some examples.Basic to intermediate level with applications for the longer term advanced level interests. A small amount of planning and preparation can greatly minimize the effects of a disaster and keep your family safe.

Goals: Discuss seven priority areas to help you organize and improve a response plan. Then we’ll go more in depth on specific items and skills to help you create a practical response kit.
We’ll have water treatment methods on hand, emergency foods, alternative toilets, showering, sheltering methods, alternative heat, light and cooking methods, aspects of security to think about and much more. We constantly update our gear and material in order to offer you a current range of options.
The class format will be lecture and hands on so that you can evaluate products and methods for your self.
Please bring materials to take notes. Pre-registration is required – Course fee $50.00

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