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Defensive Rifle

Defensive Rifle-One Day Course- Level I 2018

$175 (8Hrs) By Appointment

New and improved facility,targets & format! If you have a defensive rifle or you are considering one, this course is for you. Our focus is on life saving skills. This fun and completely practical course is designed to develop your confidence and effectiveness using a defensive rifle. Learn REAL WORLD “best practices” used by professionals today. We integrate the fundamentals, confidence building challenges, scenarios and failure-based training. Students include men & women of all ages from all walks of life from responsible citizens concerned with self-defense to military & LEO members.

subjects: Mindset/mental conditioning, Safety, zeroing & marksmanship, Advanced Shot Placement, Movement, reload methods, malfunction clearing, multiple shots, multiple
You will get to use some of the latest firearms, suppressors, optics & gear. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

You will shoot a variety of paper and reactive steel targets at “defensive” distances under 100yds.

You will become safer, faster and more effective.

Rifles – Modern semi-automatics w/ iron sights & or low-power, red dot optics. Examples: AR15, AK, FN, HK, Sig, Tavor, pistol cal carbines & etc. Required: 350RNDs (factory loaded – non penetrator), sling, three magazines, sight tool, maintenance tools, cleaning kit, hearing protection, wrap around eye protection, food, water, folding chair & clothing suited for any weather. Recommended: baseball cap, sun block, bug repellant, first aid kit, hand sanitizer and cleaning kit.

military and Leos may use field/duty gear.

Optional Pistols – duty or CCW/CPL guns .38/9mm & above.
Required: 50rnds, concealment garment, belt holster (strong side and proper fitting), two magazines/speed loaders & ammo carrier.

-Hosted by experienced and certified instructors that bring a diverse background to the subject in a safe and friendly environment. You don’t have to leave the state to get professional training.

$175.00 – Pre-course individual training session included.
Loaner guns available.

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