CCW/CPL 2.0 Course 2019 “

“Your Next level of Training”

 4hrs – Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Aug 22                              

Kingsley Sportsman’s Club6095 Garfield Road Kingsley, MI

CCW/CPL holders…this course will provide you with the life saving skill-set to increase your confidence and effectiveness using a defensive handgun.  

Learn real world, “best practices” in use by professionals today. We integrate the fundamentals with confidence building scenarios and challenges. Students include men  & women of all ages from all walks of life.

Subjects: Mindset, Safety, professional handling methods,  advanced shot placement, efficient draw & re-holstering, basic movement, reload methods, multiple shots/targets, malfunction clearing, cover,& concealment methods, holster choices and more.  On hand will be some of the latest firearms, gear and suppressors. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t before you buy. You will become safer, faster and more effective..                        

Required: Duty or CCW/CPL guns 380/9mm and above, 100 rnds,  belt holster (strong side & proper fitting), concealment garment, three magazines/speed loaders, ammo carrier, ear protection, wrap around eye protection, snacks, water, and clothing suited for any weather. Recommended: baseball cap, bug repellent, first aid kit, sun block, hand sanitizer, cleaning kit and tools.  Stop in to get some inexpensive holster tips.


$100 – Pre-registration required – Class size is limited               Hosted by friendly, professional and certified instructors.