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Custom Rifles

Custom Rifle Building

.338 Edge with Thunder Beast 338BA Silencer
Custom Rifle chambered in .338 Edge with Thunder Beast 338BA Silencer

Tactical Rifles

Great Guns is your source for Custom Tactical Rifles. Why spend $5000.00 or more on a tactical rifle if you can get the same performance for less and without a 6 month or longer wait. Great Guns can build a Tactical rifle that you can be confident will make the shot, whether it’s for law enforcement or Tactical competition. We build quality rifles one at a time to your specifications. We don’t have a menu of rifles to choose from. Each rifle we build is tailored to your needs and wants. If you want a great rifle at a fair price, give us a call so we can get you a no obligation quote.



Custom Built Rifles in Northern MichighanHunting Rifles

Great Guns can build all types of custom rifles. If you’re looking for an Ultra light hunting rifle for Sheep or Elk hunting, you have to check out our Ultimate Hunter. This rifle has been put on a serious diet. Weighing in at under 7lbs (weight will vary based on caliber and stock selected) we have stripped down the weight without sacrificing performance. If weight isn’t your concern and you just want a gun you can rely on to take prairie dogs all day long, we can help with that too! Call or e-mail us today and we will discuss your needs and tailor a custom rifle you won’t mind hiking up a mountain with.

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